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Calm Before Rage

May 9, 2013
By IcePhoenix202, De Forest, Wisconsin
IcePhoenix202, De Forest, Wisconsin
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Art and Character (Whiterain) © IcePhoenix202


She raised her tail for silence. After a few heartbeats, she lowered it slightly. “I know how concerned you are, Blackwater. You are by delta, and I respect your concern for the pack. But we have to wait. Winter has come, prey is scarce, and our warriors are weaker than ever. We cannot just win a battle with fragile wolves.” She settled down near the entrance. “For now, just get some rest.”
Blackwater dipped his head. “Yes, alpha.”
Once every wolf settled down in the cave, all the wolves but she went to sleep. She stared impassively out the entrance. Snow began to carelessly hiss down from the sky, and the wind began to lash snow. My pack is getting more worried then I. What will come upon this winter? Will my pack die before spring? If not, who will save us? She stared at the whiteness for several heartbeats before finally laying her head on her paws.


This is my character Whiterain.
Former alpha of the Pack of ShootingStars.
This is a part of the prologue where they
shelter at FangRock and she looks out into the
As you can see, it's snowing in the aspen forest.
I ADORE this!
I made it like HD-ish. Putting black bars on the top
and bottom. I think it looks cool like that.
I added alot of fur like you see in animes.
And I even added alot, let me repeat,
ALOT of detail on the rocks.
Thank you.

Also, I had to use Photoshop at the last of this.
And it actually allowed me to use it for the shading
and snow! Can you believe that! OMG!
I'm just so happy right now!
I even kissed the freakin' screen!
But, I still have to reinstal it. XD

Program: Adobe Photoshop CS2
PaintTool SAI
Device: Bamboo Tablet Capture

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