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Sponsor a Page

Sponsor a Page in a Future Magazine
Get your company's name, logo, and advertising message to teens in thousands of schools nationwide

Whether your company wants to support a specific cause or target a particular segment of the teen market, our magazine is the answer.

Call (617) 964-6800 for details and cost.

A page sponsorship gives you:
  • Exclusive space for your company's name, logo and advertising message on one or more pages of our national publication.
  • The ability to get your message to teen athletes, movie buffs, artists, college applicants or even budding poets and reach your audience in a way no other publication can offer.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to brand your product and appeal to your teen market.

Recent page sponsors include:

Transworld Music
UPS Foundation
Ford Motor Company Foundation

Several companies choose to sponsor pages in support of education and teen voices. Teen Ink respects your right to withhold your name if you choose this option.

Please call (617) 964-6800 to find out how to sponsor a page.