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The Wall

At 9pm EST tonight, President Trump will address the nation on the issue of border security, specifically, the border wall that his campaign promised during his 2016 presidential run. 

It's not a surprise by any means that this issue has divided the Congress as well as the nation. The inability of both parties coming to a compromise has contributed to a government shutdown that has continued from 3 weeks ago until today. This shutdown has affected employees that work for the federal government, many citing that they don't even know when they will be receiving their next paycheck. In addition, many of the services provided by the government has also come to a halt. The IRS, Housing and Urban Development, and Transportation and Treasury are just a few of the departments that are currently shut down and heavily affect the daily lives of normal citizens.

We would love to hear from you about your opinions on border security, the border wall, and the government shutdown. Have you or your family been affected by any of this? Do you agree or disagree that there should be a wall in the first place? Why or why not?

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