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November 21, 2017
By HugoZ SILVER, New York, New York
HugoZ SILVER, New York, New York
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League of Legends, one of the most popular PC games, shines like the crown jewel of all MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games, and it was one of the first, extremely popular free-to-play games. Eight years later, it is still in the #1 spot as the most played game in the world. The game is a phenomenon that cemented itself as the cornerstone of its genre. With its various champions, team-work style game, and rewarding progression the player receives, it hooked me in as well as millions of other gamers. 

Since its release in October 27, 2009, this game has spread like wildfire. Riot Games, the company that created this masterpiece, has boasted an astonishing 67 million monthly players and 27 daily players as of January 2014. In a more recent interview, Riot executives claimed to have around 100 million monthly players. This made it by far the most successful game in the world. League of Legends ate its way into a huge portion of the mainstream at first through word by mouth, then it was advertised which spread it even more. The next closest MOBA game is Dota 2 with only 13 million players. League has 8 times that number! League of Legends or the abbreviated term, LoL, has even been confirmed to be a legitimate sport by the US government. There are pro players who get paid money to play, there are famous tournaments all around the world.

Compared to other MOBA games, the graphics in League of Legends outshines them all. Riot Games, has improved the game since its release in 2009. Every single blade of grass can be clearly identified. All the monster camps and minions seem to look as if they were perfected by god. There is not a single flaw in the visuals of the game. The player can also buy skins or chromas using real money, but they change the whole look of the champion that they are playing. Everything from their look, effects on their spells, to even the way they speak may greatly change depending on which chroma or skin one buys. Skins basically change the way the champion can look, speak, and the way they use their skills. Chromas are colored variants to a champions regular look, or a champions skin. Sona,a champion in the game, has a skin that can play music for their own teammates, and dance to it as well. In the game, there are several different skins, and they is also ranked mode. There are normal skins worth a specific amount of RP which are ingame credits bought with real money. Epic skins are 1,350 RP and they have new models, textures, voiceovers, animations, etc. Legendary skins are 1,820 RP and completely change the feel of the champion. Finally, an ultimate skin is 3,250 RP and completely re images the look of the champion and includes an evolved model, plus additional features.

Like most MOBA games, League of Legends is best known for its staple 5 against 5 matches on a 3 lane map called the Summoner's Rift. There are also other maps like twisted tree line a two lane map with 3 people on a side or ARAM, which is where the player receives a random champion that they are to play. The reduced map size and accelerated level curve makes for a shorter game duration. There is also occasionally a special game mode that Riot releases once in awhile. It could be a game where everyone is the same champion. In the Summoner's Rift, the three lanes are refered to “top, mid, and bot.” In between each lane is a jungle that is home to several monsters such as Blue, Red, Gromp, and Krugs.The top laner is typically a close ranged, tanky fighter. They are great at taking 1v1 as well as tanking damage. The mid laners are usually mages that can easily burst and destroy other champions, however they don’t have much health. This goes the same for the ADC in bot lane. In the bot lane, there are two players, the ADC and the support. The support either heals and gives shields to the adc and others, or they are extremely tanky and soak up tremendous amounts of damage. At the start of the game, your champion starts with only 1 skill. During the early phase of the game, you kill AI controlled minions for experience and gold. As time passes, and you get stronger,  the goal shifts to destroying the enemy turrets. Every champion can be acquired easily and at a quick rate. The more games you play, the more your account will level up. At level 30, you unlock a ranked mode which is more competitive. There are over 100 different champions with different skill sets and thousands of ways to play each game. Whether it is controlling a flaming bear, or becoming a bomb throwing maniac, League has it all.

League of Legends is a fantastic game where players from all skill levels can enjoy. At first, it may be frustrating to learn and truly enjoy it. However, once swept into the world, it will be hard to resist the thrilling gameplay. Expect yourself to wind up burning through hundreds of hours seeking digital fame on Summoner's Rift.

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