Take Me Home Tonight

December 6, 2011
By NikkiCore BRONZE, El Dorado, Kansas
NikkiCore BRONZE, El Dorado, Kansas
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Boys fall in love with what they see and girls fall in love with what they hear, That's why boys lie and girls wear make-up.

“Take Me Home Tonight” is a movie set in the 1980s. Giving the viewers the idea that the movie should be filled with all the good aspects that all the teen lover movies straight out of the ‘80s had. Which being set in the ‘80s, the movie has a very modern feel to it being compared to “The Hangover” and “Hot Tub Time Machine”.

“Take Me Home Tonight” stars Topher Grace as Matt from “That ‘70s Show” a recent MIT graduate; he is 34 year-old playing a 20 something. Since not knowing what to do right out of college he goes back to live at home and works at a rental movie store in the local mall. The movie is set in the 80’s in LA. Looking back on his life he goes back to look at his high school life and his crush Tori played by Teresa Palmer; who is actually the right age to play a 20something being actually 24 herself. Trying to find help from family and friends his sister Wendy played by Anna Faris actually not playing the dumb ditzy blonde for once and his best friend Berry played by Dan Fogler. This movie is full of crude and raunchy language through out the whole movie. While working at his movie store non-other than Grace’s crush walks into the store putting into play all the actions the happen through out the night. Throwing way all things that show he is an employee there, he talks to Tori. Mentioning the party that she is going to tonight. Of course agree and stating that he would be there, leads him to find ways to impress her. From stealing a car, to cocaine, multiple parties, a marriage proposal and more the movie is set up in once-in-a-lifetime theme. Which is seemingly stated practically through out the whole movie. The whole time while Grace’s character is lying to the girl of his dreams who he ‘just’ wants a phone number from her learns from her, that just like him she doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life; even though she is working at a successful bank. Seeming that he never had his shot with her, is this the time to take it?

Topher Grace plays the main character in the movie. Even though he would have seemed like the break out start from ‘That 70’s Show’ after taking a long out of the spot light. We are left with him in the movie. Even though it could have been better to have casted an actor remotely cost to the actual age of the characters like they had with Teresa Palmer’s character Tori. Dan Fogler plays a car sales man who never went to college and regrets it. Seemingly he is supposed to play a failed at life frat boy who seems stuck in his own world. Anna Faris plays the girl who doesn’t want to break the boys heart. After applying to grad school and never telling him about it after they get into a fight where she forces him to read her the school’s answer. Wendy Anna’s character is the smart one; uncommon from all of her other roles; and her boyfriend played by Chris Pratt is the dumb one. The relationship seems unfair Anna’s character always having to bend to her boyfriend. She would have been better if she could have played a convincing 20something. Teresa Palmer plays Grace’s love interest in the movie. While being the only main character remotely close to their age I felt her acting was very bland in the movie.

The movie had it’s funny moment through out even though looking back on it you wouldn’t be able to recall at which point you thought was funny. The soundtrack for the movie is perfect, even though I feel the movie relied on it quite a bit. When the movie was going slow throw in a song everyone knows and loves. What I didn’t like was the amount of time the spent dealing with cocaine through out the whole move. Even though the point was to show the troubles it could get you in, but like all Hollywood movies it is glamorized to a point.

The moral of the movie is that you shouldn’t be scared to go after what you want because no matter what you can’t go back and redo it. So, we should like the movie says, “Just shoot towards something even if it is to hear the gun go off.” Meaning that you should try no mater what because if you don’t try you won’t be a failure you’ll be worse because you never even tried.

The audience that would be recommended for this movie is adult. Which is the proper rating. Since it deals with drug usage, sexual content, and langue. I would rate the movie a two and a half stars. Meaning it wasn’t great, but it’s watchable. Meaning I probably wouldn’t watch it again and definitely not worth buying.

The author's comments:
Nicole is a sixteen-year-old female. She is a junior and is taking many classes to ensure her a well-endowed future. She is currently unemployed due to the fact she is fairly lazy and very forgetful. Nicole enjoys horror movie of all variety, which is fair to say she likes being scared, she also enjoys over genre of movies. Nicole currently lives at home with her mother, grandmother and sister along with their dogs and her cat Sparta.

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