Geekerella by Ashley Poston

November 26, 2017
By Alice.D BRONZE, New York, New York
Alice.D BRONZE, New York, New York
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Ever since her father’s death, things have been going downhill for Elle. Between her abusive stepmother who won’t stop harassing her and her spoiled stepsisters who incessantly taunt her, life could not possibly get any worse. That is until teen heart throb, Darien Freeman is cast as the lead character in the remake of her favorite TV show, Starfield. Elle is appalled that they would pick such an unqualified actor to reproduce this show that represents now only her salvation but also the only remnant of her father.

However, things start to look up, when Elle learns of a Starfield cosplay contest. Winning this contest could get her a ticket to LA, finally ridding her of her awful step family and letting her persu her dreams of filmmaking. Amidst all the preparations for the cosplay, Elle accidently gets a text from an anonymous Starfield fanboy. A soulful conversation begins between these two strangers and Elle feels like she has finally found someone who truly gets her and in whom she can confide in. Who is this boy? Has Elle found her one true love? And will she finally leave this miserable life behind her?

I absolutely loved this contemporary Cinderella remake! Geekerella was a cute, enjoyable read, perfect for the summer. I found myself unable to put down the book and ended up reading it in one day! Contrarily to what I was expecting, I still found some of the plot twists surprising and even during moments that were pretty predictable, I not once lost interest in the plot. This was in large part thanks to the great character development. I found myself laughing at the humor of some of the characters and at the absurdity of others. Other times I felt sympathy towards the main character who was leading such a difficult life. I even felt anxious, desperate and excited for Elle which made this story was a true emotional rollercoaster.

Another thing I really liked about this book was that the main character was so strong and independent. Even when life put her down, Elle never despaired and never gave up. In fact when things weren’t going her way, instead of feeling sorry for herself she found a way fix things which I found very inspiring.

Finally, what I liked most about Geekerella was that it was written in both Elle and Darien’s point of view. Whenever I am reading I often wonder what other characters are thinking and what their story is; this dual point of view finally quenched my curiosity. I also found Darien’s side of the story to be very interesting, and it added dimension not only to his character but also to the book as a whole. I felt that it made the Cinderella story deeper by adding the message about how often we misjudge people, especially celebrities.

Overall, an adaptation of Cinderella that I liked even more than the original for its meaningful message and multidimensional characters. Geekerella is a fun, engaging story that I would definitely recommend to all romance and Cinderella lovers.

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