The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros

October 24, 2017
By Anonymous

 The house on mango street is written by Sandra Cisneros. This novel, in my opinion, is a great novel for about everybody because it explains how Esperanza life was living in poverty and near violence. I think you should read it not to just understand how life was in poverty but how Esperanza was able to make through these rough times and learn from all the people around her.

      This novel story is a coming of age story of a young Chicana or Mexican American girl. It starts when Esperanza is about 12 years old and during the year she moves with her family into a house on Mango street. The house in an upgrade from their previous apartment and it is a home her parents own but it isn’t a home that Esperanza dreamed of going to. The main characters are Esperanza, Rachel, Lucy, Sally, Nenny, Marin, Papa, and Mama. The setting was in a low-income Latino neighborhood of Chicago. Things that I didn’t like about the book was when the author was talking about one thing in the chapter and then the next would be completely off topic. After all, this is a great book to read so in my opinion I think you should also read this book yourself to really understand what I am saying.    

The author's comments:

i hope people will get how the poor people have to live and have to see on an everyday base

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