Book Report #6 Wings of Fire; The Lost Heir

March 16, 2017
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The book was written by Tui T. Sutherland, which was about how the 5 dragonets of the prophecy finds a sea kingdom. Tsunami the seawing from one of the 5 dragonets gets to meet her family after being taken away for 7 years. With her friends being captured again and being held prisoners from the seawings, Tsunami got to be able to spend time with her mother and sister. Learning the ways of a seawing. But her queen mother Coral are Allies with Blister, which questions the dragonets if Blister would be a good queen for the sandwing kingdom. With many mysteries Tsunami and her friends witness and having to take care of a new egg from Queen Coral which is Tsunamis baby sister. The 5 dragonets realize that the seawing kingdom is not where they have to be so they attempt to escape the kingdom.

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