The House on Mango Street

April 3, 2017

In The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros is a great book. I recommend you to read this book because you may relate to what she goes through and you find different things out about a person. it is about what she goes through as a teenager and it is a book of many collections of different stories she goes through. No one really knows what someone is feeling or what situation they may be going through, and reading this book really opened my eyes to what other people not just myself my go through in life. At this time, this was not the best year for my family after losing a loved one it was very hard and it still is but having to always have a smile on your face and keep it pushing trying to be strong its not the easiest and it is hard. And reading what the character Esperanza goes through she has to live up to an expectation of what her cultural tradition holds, where she has to have a man in her life to support her and she has to be the loving house wife to just sit at home and watch the kids, she does not want that for her life but does not show it yet and she has to hide it and pretend everything is okay. I can relate in so  many different ways in this book but different challenges and situations.

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