Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

March 2, 2017
By , Norridge, IL

“Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer is a young adult fiction book that is held in Present-day Washington, in a small town called, “Forks.” The Town of Forks has approximately 3,532 individuals present. The Town of Forks also has a high school known as, “Forks High School” with only 358 individuals attending.


In this book, the major character is, “Isabella Swan,” also known as, “Bella” which she prefers to be called. Bella is 17 years old and attends Forks High School. Bella is a type of girl anyone can relate to. Bella is not really the athletic type, however, she isn’t afraid to get what she wants. She isn’t a mastermind, but she does excellent in school. She’s also the clumsy type, you know like the type of person that would trip over their own feet. Bella is unique compared to others, she doesn’t try to act cool or where the most expensive brand of clothing or even own a nice corvette, however, males find her irresistible and she happens to have an eye on this one individual. Bella has wavy, brown hair a little past her shoulders along with brown eyes and a ghost-like, paleface which is unexpected, coming from a girl that just moved in from Phoenix, Arizona. Bella would be the protagonist in the story and now coming back from her mysterious lover, she has an eye on “Edward Cullen,” a mysterious, gorgeous-looking, pale-faced individual that actually, is a blood-sucking vampire, of course, animal blood. Bella’s family had been divorced and so when Bella was in Arizona with her mother, her stepfather had to travel because he’s a professional baseball player so Bella decided that she wanted to spend more time with her actual father down in Forks, Washington who is called by, “Charlie Swan,” the Chief of Police in the Town of Forks. Bella’s mother is “Renee Dwyer” and Bella is the only child which is nice because she wouldn’t like to be hovered.
The minor characters in the story would be the “Cullen Family,” Charlie Swan, Renee Dwyer, and Jacob Black. The members of the Cullen Family are all vampires but they are different than other kind. They do not hunt on human’s blood, but they hunt on animal’s blood and Jasper Hale is the newest member of the family but before that, he hunted on human’s blood, so he is still trying to restrain himself from the stench of human blood. There is Carlisle Cullen, the father of the family. He is also one of the doctors in the Town of Forks so many people rely on him, Esme Cullen which is the wife of Carlisle and the mother of the family, Edward Cullen, the protagonist vampire and also the deep love interest of Bella and can read minds but not Bella’s, Alice Cullen, Edward’s adopted sister that can tell the future but is subjective, so it can change but she is the most supportive when it comes to Edward’s relationship with Bella, Jasper Hale, who is romantically partnered up with Alice and he has the power to change emotions, Rosalie Hale, one of Edward’s adopted siblings who is partnered up with Emmett Cullen and she is the coldest to Bella, Emmett Cullen, who is partnered up with Rosalie Hale and his power is strength and agility so he is much more muscular than the rest of the Cullens, Charlie Swan, Bella’s father, the Chief of the Police of the Town of Forks, Renee Dwyer, Bella’s mother that lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her other husband, and Jacob Black, Bella’s really close friend and it turns out that he has a crush on her but Bella doesn’t feel the same way towards him. His father is actually friends with Bella’s father and they live in La Push reservation and Jacob is also unique in a way of his own.

In the beginning of the story, Bella moves to Forks, Washington moving in with her father, Charlie Swan just from Phoenix, Arizona. When Bella attended Forks High School, immediately people start to recognize her like everyone wants to talk to her. When she was at lunch, she spotted a mysterious, gorgeous looking individual in the corner of her eye, knowing he was probably too good for her. When she came to class, she was seated next to Edward Cullen, the one she had her eye on. Already, his reaction seemed liked he hated Bella. Almost like she thought she stank. He covered his nose so well, almost like he wasn’t even breathing, he clenched his fist, moving away as far as he could from Bella. When the bell rang, immediately he stood up and was the first one out the door. Later on, they got to know each other better and with a couple dates and talking, Bella was smart enough to find out that Edward was a vampire. Turns out Edward loved Bella back. So the lion fell in love with the lamb… Bella got to meet Edward’s family and their home, they all seemed welcoming except for Rosalie. One day, they decided to play a game of baseball when there was thunder because it was the best time to play outside. This is when the climax starts to come. When the family including Bella, decided to play a nice game of baseball outside, their strength managed to hit the ball out of the field when eventually it got lost, that is when the vampires, the ones that hunted on human’s blood, found it and managed to return it, only them wanting to play the game with them. When one of the vampires took a nice whiff of air, their noses smelled the scent of human, Bella. They Immediately left the field, taking Bella somewhere far away as fast as they can before the other vampires hunt Bella and suck her blood. The problem is solved by the family leaving and taking Bella somewhere far away where the other vampires aren’t able to smell Bella anymore, however, once they find a human, they’re not going to stop. In the end, they come across a place Bella recognizes and that is when the vampire starts attacking Bella, the Cullen family fighting back, but Bella, slowly dying…

In my opinion, I would definitely recommend this book and I truly believe it is outstanding. The reason why I like this book is because not only does it have romance in it, but there is action and I love how there is a little bit of everything. However, it is fictional so most fictional books can sometimes be hard to relate to, but in “Twilight,” I find it very relatable. Not only are the characters spot on but Bella’s characteristics show that she has a little bit of everyone’s characteristics. I love how there are two sides in this book. One side where you can relate to the real world with Bella and her friends and the other side where you can relate to Edward’s fantasy world with his family and outrageous difficulties and adventures. I would recommend this book to young adults that have interests not just in romance, but if you want a little bit of action “Twilight” is the way to go. I believe readers would enjoy this book because it gives many life lessons or themes that are very true to the world we are in now. There are two aspects, with Bella and her human world, and with Edward and his fantasy world, and they are both so different but they both complete in each other’s world. At first, when I heard that this book had vampires in it, I didn’t think it would be good, until someone close told me that I should give it a chance and hey, here I am so no matter what, take a risk and try it out, if you don’t like it you can always stop, but if you haven’t tried, I really recommend that you should, you don’t wanna miss this out, trust me, you only live once… do it for Bella.

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