The Lions of Little Rock by Kristin Levine

March 2, 2017
By , Norridge, IL

In The Lions of the Little Rock was a breathtaking book. The genre is Fiction and the author is Kristin Levine. The story took place in school and Arkansas.

The main character is named Marlee she is twelve years old. Marlee has a crush on this boy named JT. Little did she know that he was just using her to do his math homework. Then there was a student named Liz that came to their school and started being friends with Marlee. Marlee personality is very generous and kind of other people that she wants to help with. She is white.

Marlee becomes best friends with Liz but then Liz has a secret that no one knows about. They become best friends until she doesn’t come to school anymore. Marlee has a crush on JT but then she is doing his math homework to get close to him.

Marlee gets to know Liz and starts becoming best friends with her. When she has a secret that no one knows about. She ends up not going to school because back in the day African American weren’t allowed to go with whites. African American weren’t allowed to have an education. Some people that looked white that were African American would try to go to school so they can learn. When Liz didn’t come to school Marlee went looking for her because she is going to fight for her even though she is African American that didn’t change her mind. Marlee wants equal rights so that Liz can come back and have an education. They were on strike so that kids can have an education. That’s when at the end Marlee parents ended up helping Marlee and African-American would be able to go to schools with the whites.

My reaction to the book is that I felt inspired how Marlee did everything that she could to get her best friend back.

People that want to learn about history should read this book because it's more about the history and people that like history should read this book. They would enjoy it because it's about racism and you can see how it was back in the old day.

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