The White Fox Chronicles By Gary Paulsen

November 25, 2008
By Brayton Lieb, Bethel, AK

As a long time reader of Gary Paulsen, I thought this book was kind of weird, but cool. It was weird because it is different than what he usually writes. It was cool because there is a guy named Sidoron trying to take over the world. For example, he writes about surviving outdoors. This book was in the future and had a lot of killing.

In the book, there is a fourteen-year-old boy named Cody Pierce. He escapes from a prison camp owned by The Confederation of Consolidated Republics, or CCR. Growing up in wartime has made young Cody wise in survival skills. Now he’s known as the “White Fox”.
I think this a great book for anyone who likes violence. There is a bunch of killing and a lot of fighting. This is also a good book for people who like to read books with at least a hero in it. I would think of this book as an excellent book for anyone.

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