Sealed With a Diss

October 8, 2008
By Danika Seubert, Chesterfield, MO

This book is amazing! If you love fashion, relationships, and drama you will love this book! It knocks any other book right of the way. I think this is a book that should walk down the glamorous red runway. It follows the clique series and it is the best one yet!

Massie Block and the rest of the pretty committee are now in 7th grade and are in line of getting a fabulous room in the basement of the school! This room has it all, maybe a bit too much. There is a hidden camera in the boys secret meeting room with a therapist who talks about their feelings and shares inputs with the boys. While the boys share top secret information the girls can listen to it all. They can even know if they are cheating on them or breaking up with them for good. Sky has challenged the pretty committee though. They must all have dates by the famous couples dress up party or the room is gone. While the room seems like it’s slowly dripping away Massie makes a deal with Sky. If Massie can get Chris, a very depressed teenager who got his heart broken after a troubling break up, to go to the party with Sky and if all the girls get dates. The room is theirs but if one of those promises is broken. The room is no longer the Pretty Committee’s. Will they Get it? You’ll just have to read the book to find out.

This book is great for middle school and high school girls. I would recommend it to any girl out there! It’s great!

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xrkbxcheersx said...
on Oct. 26 2008 at 8:00 pm
I enjoyed this book. It wasn't the most accurate book though. It was written, looking at the events as if it was a teenager. But the way that some things were handled, doesn't seem like something that a teenager would do. but all around it was a good book and I love the series. In this Clique adventure, the Pretty Committee wants to find out about the one topic that they are lacking, boys. They are next in line at O.C.D. (Octavion Country Day School) for the secret room underneath the basement. Only the class of the “popular girls” before them knows about it. The Pretty Committee needs to complete their task before this beloved room is passed down to them. They need to impress Skye and the other DSL daters (8th grade “popular” girls, currently in possession of the room). To do that, they all need to find A-list dates to Skye’s end of the year, 8th grade party. Will the Pretty Committee find their dates? Does Skye Have any other tasks? Will the girls get into trouble over finding their dates? Is that room theirs? Or will they just have their 7th grade year Sealed with a Diss?


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