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July 2, 2013
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This book was with me for along time, but I never took it up for reading. I still don't know why!!! I used to think it wouldn't have anything that would interest me. But once I started reading it, I really didn't felt like keeping the book down. In Anne I really saw a reflection of me and my dear friend, put together.
ANNE FRANK THE DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL , is a book that I believe, every teenager should have read atleast once. Its a clear portrayal of a young girls thoughts, how situations change peoples behavior and how much positive thinking can help you survive. Anne showed to me how exactly I can change myself to a better person. She lived through all her struggles, with optimism and love for her world. She showed unmatched courage in a situation where most of us would have given up. Imagine a situation where we are forced to leave our home and school and live in a place where we cannot even go outside the door..!!! And that if we go outside, we will be killed!
The book is a diary, more than a story. And we get to know Anne beautifully through those lines. She finds her diary as her best friend and explains to "Kitty"( the diary) whatever she thinks; be that the disatrous war or her love. Though Anne believes her family doesn't understand or accept her as who she is, towards the end she starts to change her attitude.
Being a teenager, reading Anne Frank's diary, I could understand how much strong I can be and how much hardworking I can be. I really cannot give a book review, for I did not read in that sense. I was rather listening to her, what she thought, how she lived there and how the people over there behaved to her. I could feel the intensity of her thoughts and the complete sense they make in our lives yet. And the diary also shows how much Anne believed in true love at her age. It also shows how nature can create positive thoughts in human beings and how much we can be moved by Mother Nature. The virtues that Anne Frank held, really made me wish that she lived for more years and could achieve all her dreams. And it really makes me wonder how great a human being she would have been if she lived... A beautiful and worth reading book. :)

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