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September 28, 2012
By shelbys31 BRONZE, Auburn, New York
shelbys31 BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a computer in your brain to help make you cool? Well that is exactly what happened to Jeremy. He is a student in high school that is always flying below the radar. He would also keep these notes that had tallies showing how many times he had been embarrassed or talked about badly. He and his friend Michael were inseparable, they did everything together. Mike had a car and was always the one who was getting them where they wanted to go. Jeremy was interested in the most popular girls in school, and was always trying to get their attention.

Mike and Jeremy had been talking about Mike’s brother. Mike was always saying how his brother had passed his SATs with a extremely high score even though he was extremely stupid. That's when the mentioning of the “Squip” came in. A “Squip” is a pill sized computer that you swallow and it connects itself to your brain. His friend Rich told him at the Halloween dance that ”You take it, you know ingest it, and the quantum computer, which is inside of it, travels through your bloodstream and up into your brain. Then it sits in your brain and assists you.” However the way that you can get these is completely sketchy. Jeremy goes to a Payless and finds a guy that sells them out of the stock room. He ends up paying $500 for the “Squip”. Not to mention they are illegal!

The “Squip” helps Jeremy to get friends and to finally become cool. However the "Squip" has its flaws. The “Squip” would cause the peer pressure of trying new things such as pot and ecstasy at a party. The “Squip” also causes Jeremy to steal his mother's car and drive it to the party as well as ditching his friend Michael.

In the end the “Squip” fails on Jeremy in the middle of the school play embarrassing him in front of his classmates and his love interest. The last thing the “Squip” tells Jeremy is to write a book to tell her what had been happening. The last line was “.............”

The novel by Ned Vizzini has many relations to high school students today. It has many details about sexual experiences and the experiences students have with drugs and alcohol. As many students go through school they either only have one friend or are the most popular. In this case Jeremy Is the loser in school the only thing he wanted is to be cool like everyone else. While having the “Squip” it allows him to do exactly that. Many student may wish they had a chance to have one of these incredible computers to get them through school above the radar. Many students like Jeremy don't realize that what they do doesn't always make them cool. That's why this book relates to modern day students so well.

I love the way Ned Vizzini wrote this novel. He wrote it as a view of what was actually going on. However you find out that in the end the novel is actually the book that the “Squip” told Jeremy to write. the last line Jeremy says is “So here you go, its not a letter; its a whole book. I hope you like it.” This novel pulls you in and makes you want to read it. Everything is about being able to have a computer installed into your brain interests me. Doesn't it interest you? All the details in the novel makes you feel like you are actually in the novel and you are Jeremy. I would highly recommend this novel. You will find and make many connections to this novel.

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