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December 21, 2011
By carsten vestergaard BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
carsten vestergaard BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Vestergaard, Hope. Potty Animals. Hallmark books: Sterling Publishing. 17 pages.

Flush.... It is the most amazing sound you’ll hear after you and your child read Potty Animals. This book puts a new view on going to the potty, and is a very funny read. Hope Vestergaard portrays humor while still displaying good bathroom habits. It is a very well thought through book and when I have children it will be a must have.
All kids can connect to one of the characters in this book. Some may wait too long, some may forget to flush. But Potty Animals is to make your child laugh and have a fun time while strengthening good bathroom habits. In preschool Wilbur, Wilma, Arnold, Freddie, Helga, Benji, Roxanne, Stanley, Sukey, Georgie, Farley, Anges, and Ziggy have bad habits that can be noticed by small children.
I love how the book is an easy read for preschoolers. It rhymes to let the child know what words may be coming next. And there is a funny new character on every page. Each paragraph is stuffed with good rhymes which makes the book even more interesting to your child. And at the end there is a very clever chant which can help your child remember the steps for when you have gotta go!
All of the characters have their own personality. And they all have a different bad bathroom habit. “Wilma tends to wait too long,” (Vestergaard, 3) is one of my favorites. All kids can connect to one or more of the characters in this book. And can have fun talking about bathroom habbits.
Overall this book is a good read for kids and will strengthen their good bathroom habits.  I would recommend Potty Animals to anybody with children.

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