Hoot. by Carl Hiaasen

April 14, 2011
By Anonymous

Hoot is a novel by Carl Hiaasen. It is a nonfiction book in the Global Issues genre and the copyright date is 2002. This book is a great read, especially for middle school students.

Hoot is a book about animal rights. In the story, Roy Eberhardt and his two friends, Beatrice and Mullet Fingers try to save burrowing owls and their homes from being destroyed by Mother Paula’s All-American Pancake House. I would recommend this book because it is fun and always leaves you wanting more.

Roy Eberhardt comes from a family that moves often he never really has a home (pg. 17). On their 10th move, Roy and his parents moved to Coconut Cave, Florida (pg. 9). This is where Roy meets Beatrice and her step-brother Mullet Fingers. Beatrice and Roy become friends later on in the story to help Mullet Fingers save the owls. Mullet Fingers dropped out of school and lives in the woods behind the golf course. He was sent to boarding school but escaped home. These three friends will do anything to save the owls. They take survey stakes out of the ground at night and dump alligators into the out-house (pg.77). This story is funny, original, and is perfect for middle school students to read.

This book is a great read. The things the kids do throughout the story and clever and funny. This book shows that you can do anything that you set your mind to. I highly recommend this book not just to middle schoolers, but to everyone.

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