Searching for David's Heart by Cherie Bennett

December 19, 2010
By , East Northport, NY
As I opened the first page of Searching for David’s Heart I didn’t have the slightest idea that this book would have so much effect on me. I’ve heard about Searching for David’s Heart from teachers and they would tell me how sad it was but I never thought books really had any real emotion, at least that was my opinion. But I never read a book that meant as much as this one did. However, after I read Searching for David’s Heart my mind really changed about books, because I found myself crying through the whole book.

When I was younger my grandfather passed away. My mother or grandmother would never bring that subject up, there were too many memories, but then again I never brought it up either. I only made that mistake once. One day, when me and my mother were looking through old pictures and I found a picture of him when he was in the hospital with an air tube, he looked like he was going to die, so tired, so innocent, and a complexion of a ghost. Then I heard a little squeak, I looked up to find my mom crying, we had a long talk about him and how he got sick, and she showed me all these pictures, and I also found out a lot about him and apparently he died when I was in his hands. When I heard that and I saw a picture of me and him right before he died I started crying too, but I didn’t know why, I never knew him, I was only a year old when he passed away. I soon realized that it wasn’t because I was sad about him passing away, I was just still thinking about Searching for David’s Heart.

I used to think, what could books ever do except be a waste of time? what can these little insignificant things do to make people feel so many different emotions? I never knew, until I read this book that had impacted me so much that after the book was over I flipped back to the front and reread it just because I was hoping that maybe this time it might have a different ending, or it might have gotten longer, maybe even that the emotion I had during this book was just a onetime thing, but after reading it multiple times the effect that book had on me the first time never changed and I’ve read it over 10 times after that. I guess what they say is true, “A good book never gets old.”

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