Walk Softly Rachel by Kate Banks

April 21, 2010
By Emily Niemiec BRONZE, Meriden, Connecticut
Emily Niemiec BRONZE, Meriden, Connecticut
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Have you ever lost someone who really meant a lot to you? In Kate Banks’ book Walk Softly Rachel the main character Rachel goes through a lot off loss of important people. When Rachel was younger she lost her brother, Jake. He unfortunately died in a car accident. Now Rachel has to face the fact that her best friend Adrian is moving to an isolated part of Africa. Rachel has parents who don’t like to face change and neither does she. After a family gathering with another family called the Moser’s, Rachel seems to find herself becoming very close with the son, Bowman. Rachel also seems to find herself in Jake’s rooms more often and looking through his journal. The journal really uncovers the past of Jake’s life and that it wasn’t even close to perfect, that he too was living with problems. Towards the end of the book Rachel uncovers a huge secret about Jake’s past.
I would recommend Walk Softly,Rachel to really anybody who has lost someone important or really anyone looking for a book to read that will make you want to never put it down.
The dialogue in the book wasn’t very outdated because the book was written in 2003. For example “Can you show me how to knit?” I ask her, “Knitting is for old people” she says. Since the dialogue wasn’t outdated I was able to really relate to the book, but the author Kate Banks makes that very easy. Throughout the whole story I felt what was going on, my emotions matched the emotions of the characters and I really felt what was going on. I mean when there was a sadder part, I cried. Walk Softly, Rachel uncovers that not everyone who seem to be living happy lives, are really happy on the inside.

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