Eleventh Grade Burns by Heather Brewer

March 17, 2010
By Emily Turner BRONZE, Waxhaw, North Carolina
Emily Turner BRONZE, Waxhaw, North Carolina
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Eleventh Grade Burns is the 4th book in the action-packed, “Blood sucking” (3) series The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. Vlad is not your average teenager. Being only half-human and half-vampire he has nowhere to fit in. With his appetite for human blood is getting to harder to control, his “former friend” (6) Joss (a vampire slayer) moving back to Bathory, Two other Vampires after his blood, and With Vlad’s life on the line. Vlad is training for anything that’s coming. But is he ready to face what is going to happen at the end? As Vlad’s life is being turned upside down; will Vlad survive Eleventh grade?

Heather Brewer the author of Eleventh grade burns shows the life of Vlad. The book is filled with unique and well developed characters and plot. Few characters relates to Heather Brewer, which isn’t your average adult, because when she isn’t dying her hair black or purple she is decorated her house with coffins or skulls. Heather Brewer doesn't believe in happy endings—unless they involve blood. This shows her writing styles for the series of the chronicles of Vladimir Tod.

Eleventh Grade Burns is filled with Cliffhangers such as this one at the end of chapter 35 “And there was nothing Joss could do to stop it…short of killing the vampires himself” (285). It is also filled with descriptive language such as Vlad’s encounter with D’Ablo, “A familiar dagger, one that Vlad instantly recognized from the dark, bloody room that invade his dreams every night, one filled with memories of a terrible ritual” (161).

Vlad changes though out the book knowing the consciences of being different and his skills are getting unbearably powerful, as his life turns for the worst. Vlad gets more mature and understanding. Eleventh Grade Burns show an unexpected twist in characters and plot. “Then he met the eyes of the intruder and all he could think was a single word-a word that would change his life forever” (309).

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves dark and twisted endings or enjoys getting lost into the pages of a book. This story is good for any true vampire’s lovers who enjoy these mythological creatures. This book keeps you wanting more. With a shocking ending; that will makes you long for the 5th installment of the chronicles of Vladimir Tod.

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