The American Revolution (American History) by John Davenport

May 15, 2009
By Kaytlin Grimm BRONZE, Pinch, West Virginia
Kaytlin Grimm BRONZE, Pinch, West Virginia
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This is a nonfiction book about the American Revolution; it was written by John Davenport and was published by Thompson and Gale in 2007. He explains the American Revolution in a very unique way; he includes major people, places and events that occurred from 1775-1783.

Davenport holds a PhD. In history from the University of Connecticut and is currently teaching at Corte Madera School in Portola, California. He is also the author of several biographies and books on American historical geography for adolescents. Some might already know of the notable ride Paul Revere took on the night of April 18, 1775, but for those of you who do not Mr. Davenport explains it in a very intriguing way that makes you want to learn more. “As much murdered them as if he had cut their throats himself.” This is a quote from General Thomas Gage after the British loss at the Battle of Bunker Hill. This shows the anger and the hate that was fuming inside the British and American soldiers.

Some of the important elements include the many battles that were talked about throughout the book, the description of the anger and hate of the people, the places and major events that were not only mentioned but discussed very intensely. It definitely meets my expectations that I had before I read. There are some other books that could almost compare but none as descriptive, in my opinion.

The major people, places and events that took place during the war, were well described with vivid details and discussed by the author. Overall this book would be a great book for anyone wanting to learn all about the American Revolution in 100 pages or just for someone looking for a historical book about America.

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