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February 9, 2018

I found Logan McSween'spoetry extremely moving as his romantic tone persisted all throughout his entire poem. It shows the display of innumerable emotions scattered across his writing that all teenagers can relate to. The idea of fear towards rejection, or ruining the likeable stability of the current situation. I'm currently going through a similar situation, as I've had a crush on the same guy for the past six years now. And to make matters worse, he moved schools without me having the opportunity to express my feelings to him since we've had a pleasurable friendship, I was afraid to send it into burning ashes. It also expresses the disappointmentof being alone and playing it safe so "people [don't] leave [others] behind." We as humans are accustomed to do things we know we will succeed in therefore, when confronted with achallenging aspect, we're afraid to look at it in the eyes and say to it "I'm [not] afraid!" Overall, the sharing of his sto0ry is very heartfelt as we have an exemplary figure to follow so therefore, thank you Logan for indirectly portraying similarities so we ahead of time can confront them.

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