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    How far wouldyou go to find paradise? What would you do to keep it a secret?"The Beach" stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Richard, an American inThailand who meets a man in a hotel room with a map to paradise. WhenRichard meets Elienne (Guiaume Gamet) and her boyfriend Francoise(Virginie Ledoyen), they agree to help him search for this islandparadise. Richard's map leads them to an island of dreams with a darkside - a field of illegal drugs where they are all almost killed. Beyondthe field, there is a small village. Richard leads them through theisland to a waterfall; at the bottom is true paradise.

Richardfalls in love there, but paradise becomes a nightmare when there is ashark attack. One man is killed and another badly injured. The mansuffers but everyone tries to go back to the way it was before theattack occurred.

By this point the viewer is on the edge of hisseat. The movie totally makes you feel as if you are right there forevery part of the adventure. DiCaprio's performance is one of his best."The Beach" was directed by "Trainspotting's" DannyBoyle.

When I left the theater, I felt I was coming back from anadventure. I recommend "The Beach."

This movieis rated R. Those under 17 must be accompanied by anadult.

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i love this so much!