November 25, 2008
By MaddyP BRONZE, Beverley, Other
MaddyP BRONZE, Beverley, Other
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Food and Education. Two things we, who live in developed countries, take for granted everyday. Some people struggle to obtain such essential items. But, we have heard it all before, haven’t we? As much as we want to help others, it can be difficult at times. For example, we may have no money, or not much time. Both of these limit what we can do. But now, there is something you can do. Not only will it help the hungry, but it will help you. FreeRice, as suggested by the name, gives rice to the hungry for free, and helps provide free education for everyone. How do you help? It’s simple. Visit the website ( and click on subjects. Choose the subject you wish to answer questions to and revise. For each question you answer correctly, the sponsors of the website pay for 20 grains of rice. Don’t think it will get boring either. The website offers many subjects to choose from, and has different levels for each subject, they also often add subjects. Doing your bit to help the rest of the world no longer has to cost money or take up too much time. And the bonus is you help yourself, whether it be revising Maths or Chemistry, or testing your English grammar or vocabulary this website is here to help everyone. It’s about time we do something to help too.

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