According to Jim

November 20, 2007
By Victoria Jones, Wilmore, KY

Have you ever watched a show that perplexed you about how the characters get into some of the situations the episodes portray? Well, if that’s what you like, According to Jim is the show for you. Jim, a middle-aged man who attempts to be the perfect dad and husband, whiling having to deal with his brother-in-law and sister-in-law always hanging around, either at Jim and Cheryl’s house or Jim’s work. According to Jim is definitely worth watching because the characters are very realistic, the plot is unpredictable and it has a timeless theme.
The characters on According to Jim are so believable and realistic. Some of this is due to the writing in the script, but most of it is due to the phenomenal acting skills. Jim and Cheryl have such good chemistry, it’s like they are really married dealing with everyday trials. But, most importantly, three wild children who fight and argue like real siblings.
The plot of the show is simply a married couple (Jim and Cheryl) dealing with whatever life throws at them. Somehow it’s always something hilarious and unbelievable. In one episode (“Dress to Kill Me”) Kyle insists on wearing a dress, so that he can be Cinderella for Halloween. Jim will not allow it because he thinks that it makes Kyle a sissy. By the end of the episode, Jim gives in and lets him wear the dress for Halloween, and he even dresses up as a bride himself.

The message or theme of According to Jim is simple, all families have problems (some more then others) but you will get through them. If you stick together, you can get through anything. In “Dress to Kill Me” the message is, it is not always about what the parents want when it comes to the small stuff, but what is important to the kids. Obviously Jim came to realize that.
According to Jim is well worth your time due to its wonderfully believable characters, unexplainable situation starters, and a theme that will never die. The Network would be wise to keep According to Jim at the same time, that way the whole family can enjoy it.

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