Why Raise Something That Doesnt Need To Be Raised?

March 3, 2011
By , Midlletown, NY
I honestly don't believe that raising the driving age to 18 would make anything better. I believe if your taught how to drive at age 16, you would be less experienced due to the extra two year wait. If you had to wait until you were 18 then when you got your drivers license you wouldn't care about rules because now your 18 and can almost do what ever you want. You would be able to drink and go to the club. This may lead to drinking and driving.

Instead of having your kids taught at the age of 16, “Would you rather have your kids out there NOWADAYS drinking and driving.” If you were to get your license at the age of 16 you would have your limitations, which would considerably make them more responsible. You would have curfew, you wouldn't be able to go to the club and all of them bad things that can get you in trouble.

Are Drivers too old for the Road?

I also believe that at the age of 50 and over you should have to take the driving test over again. When I’m in the car with my mom when she is driving me somewhere I always se some old person who either don't know where there going or they are driving way to slow. I believe the older you get the worse your eyes get that’s the main reason why I believe senor citizens should retake the driving test.

I’ve personal have witness people get into many accidents. Even been a couple my self. I’ve seen many different ages drive and been with many different drivers from different ages starting at the age of 14. I’ve personal drove myself at the age of 14 and I believe that leaving the driving age at 16 is a good idea. Throughout my whole life I believe I seen more adults get into accidents than young teenagers. Teenage drivers are more careful of how they drive nowadays due to parents , the law, and their life.

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