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   Apartfrom the terrible remaking of a true story and the more confusing than twistedplot, "The Mothman Prophecies," starring Richard Gere, is a decentmovie.

Though more than half the scenes take place in dark, spookysettings, the manner in which it was filmed is unique. The director did a lot ofquick zooming in and out; objects are clear in one scene, and melted in others.The lighting technique is also unusual, putting blasts of red light into certainscenes. It was interesting to watch, but the underlying story made me yawn.

The only reason I sat through the whole thing was because the mood of themovie made me feel something exciting would happen at any moment, but that momentnever came. I was hoping for an ingenious, twisted plot that would keep me on theedge of my seat and would leave me thinking after it was over. Instead, in allhonesty, the movie bored me.

I was very disappointed with "TheMothman Prophesies." The actual physical filming was fantastic, but nexttime the writer should find a better story.

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