A load of B(c)S?

January 14, 2011
By Adam Rymut BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
Adam Rymut BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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The Bowl Championship Series: a great, classical approach to post-season college football, or an illogical method of finding the champion? The article A College Football Playoff That Works by Chris Suellentrop discusses all the key points in this argument. Suellentrop says that the BCS is a broken system in which, “8 computers decide who competes for the national championship.” He also states that a more logical approach to post-season college football would be a tournament, much like that of the tournament of NCAA basketball.

Suellentrop is right to state this, because the Bowl Championship series is a broken system. It is illogical to say that a proper playoff for college football is anything but a tournament. This way, no matter what a team’s rank is, any team can fight for the championship to prove that they are the best. The current system allows for NCAA officials to decide who competes for the title. A tournament could be won be simply winning football games, instead of having NCAA officials decide who they think is best suited to compete for a championship.

Until a different system is introduced, we will never know who the best team in the nation is. The current erratic system does nothing but match up champions of two of the larger conferences. Using this current method, a real college football king will never truly be crowned.

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