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January 10, 2010
By mallory.bahr SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
mallory.bahr SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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FROM: Student at Arrowhead High School

Dear Students,
I have realized that in the last three years of high school that the seniors have worked way too hard and are in excruciating pain. Yes, I know some of you "Smart" want to work your butt off to get into good schools out of state. I know for a fact that my daughter wants to go out of state and this is ubiquitous. Many kids think that they can go to great schools and are succumbing to temptation to get away from there parents and become so called "independent." If something does not change in the school district that then we can not effectively thwart or pass our senior year without being stressed to the max. When most of us are stressed it can be like malignant malaria, deadly and hurtful. Also I know that many seniors last year when they were juniors were fretful because they had some much on there plate like activities, church, homework and etc. They had to no time to just be a teenager. Now who wants to be stressed?

I have decided to write a proposal to the staff. I will be a harbinger and try to bring major change to Arrowhead so that seniors can relax and make there last year a memorable one. I will do this so you can have a respite of stress. I want to make especially my senior year, one I will never forget. I will try to make so that some day seniors have an 80 minute study hall so they can hopefully get all there homework done and talk to the teachers about anything that they don’t understand.

To help me pass this Please write about a historic event that still reverberates today. For example, reflect on something that you were stressed about and you couldn’t get it solved because the teacher was at south or would to see change (within reason please) at Arrowhead. Let’s make this school year a fun one without much stress.

Thank You,
Your Fellow Classmate

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