Speeding While Sober

January 5, 2010
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Drinking and driving is the leading cause of traffic fatalities. It can result to many DUI’s. Today, drunk drivers rank one notch above child molesters. Drunk driving causes more than 16,000 deaths each year, making up 30 percent of all fatalities on the road. Drunk drivers have killed almost as many Americans annually as died in Vietnam War during its bloodiest year. Since we have changed the drinking age to 21 instead of 18, the deaths in alcohol-related crashes fallen 32 percent.
If raising the drinking age from 18 to 21 helped save that many lives, then imagine what changing the legal limit of drinking while driving would do. Either change the legal limit to .03 or lower, or not even have one.
If someone gets pulled over and they blow a .08 on a breathalyzer, then they just get a ticket. They get a total of five chances. So you could get pulled over four times while being drunk and you wouldn’t go to jail… not until the fifth one. If you get pulled over drunk, and you blow over the legal limit (.08) then you go straight to jail. There shouldn’t even be a legal limit. No matter what you should go directly to jail if you get pulled over for being drunk, even if it’s only for a couple of nights. It’s ridiculous that the government lets people out there drive even a little drunk.
If someone just has a drink or so then they are still under the influence of alcohol no matter how much they have consumed. If someone blows a .08 (the legal limit) then they are still considered drunk.
If the government were to have a law that getting pulled over while being drunk and you go directly to jail, I think that would save more lives than there were bodies in the holocaust. If they weren’t able to do that than they should at least change it to getting only two chances being drunk over the limit. There are mothers out there who have lost their children because of drunk drivers. I know that the mothers of children who have been killed by drunk drivers would agree with me.
“Over the years there have been over thousands of deaths because of drinking and driving.” Because whenever someone is drunk, they have the attitude that nothing can happen to them. So they go out driving and get in an accident; maybe taking someone’s life. Put yourself in one of the fathers or mothers shoes: If you had a child and they were killed from a drunk driver, you would want to change the law of drinking and driving as soon as possible.

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