April 26, 2018
By okb44 BRONZE, Chagrin Falls, Ohio
okb44 BRONZE, Chagrin Falls, Ohio
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The thunder screeches loud and angrily,
Yet he finds it hard to see the eyes,
Overshadowed by the not so sunny lies
And there is the woman, staring at the lightening
She is but a dark woman, but this is frightening
Her lit up scar is like the sun,
Showing she is lit up, not like everyone.
The darkness gleams over the bright moon
In a not so ever lively night in June. 
If only she was under the sea
Where she swim away like fish in a flee
The man may recognize her as she hurries away
But by then, her darkness will fade away.
Leaving nothing, but loves decay.

The author's comments:

The weather outside along with my current feelings inspired me to write this piece 

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