America's Forbidden

January 26, 2018
By jbrewer00 BRONZE, Montville , Maine
jbrewer00 BRONZE, Montville , Maine
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A sense of superiority like an arrow in my back,
Piercing the surface of patriotism,
Something within these cement sites beckons me,
It calls to me like a broken intercom in a subway scene,
Jagged broken words that send shivers down my neck.

I am left screaming over a brick wall of sexism and bigotry,
As observation or lack thereof,  we have yet to grow,
For ignorance is the route of hate.
A road less traveled by the nonpartisan,
They speak of freedom but they do not talk about it’s toll,
To bypass such a thing is to kill the innocence of creativity,
Like tasting the forbidden fruits forced upon her by a chauvinist,
We cannot escape the things we unknowingly accomplish,
The devil is within the walls we built to protect ourselves.

The author's comments:

I'm normally not a political person but I found it hard not to get into it. I wanted to use words that someone might not be familiar with to push the ideas of Americas education. 

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