Stranger I Had Once Knew

November 3, 2017
By Campy BRONZE, Stratford, New Jersey
Campy BRONZE, Stratford, New Jersey
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            As soon as I am left alone.
     I gather thoughts and climb the stones.
     I figure out what is wrong and right.
     But I wonder what you are doing at night.
      Used to meet you around the block.
       Now I sit here with my warm socks.
            Used to have such tired feet
           Now all I ever feel is defeat
          Used to have it all with you.
          Now all I ever feel is blue.
        I can’t believe I still think about
     The stranger that I had once knew.

The author's comments:

Writting just allows me to get my thoughts out in such a peaceful manner. Which I believe it can be seen in many different perspecitives. 

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