As Cancer knocks at my door

November 10, 2016
By , Rio Rancho, NM

I know you love me, but do you still?
We’ve had the worst days lately,
And some nights you get no sleep from worrying, everything’s going downhill.
I know it troubles you because you hold me so tightly.

We spend nights and days in the hospital' it becomes home
You try to make things as fun as possible
I know you want to go, I wish they’d just say I had some type of syndrome.
I hate to see you cry when things seem horrible.

I know you hate where we are and what we have to do,
But still you miss work just to hold my hand while they poke and prod.
And when you catch my tear before it falls you look at me and say, “I just knew”
You always know what’s right, even when you tell me to have faith in God.

So when you say, “I love you” I know its true
You sacrifice everything and put me before you.

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