Flightless Bird

May 6, 2016
By Hither2 SILVER, Mobile, Alabama
Hither2 SILVER, Mobile, Alabama
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Favorite Quote:
To be great is to be misunderstood

You always claimed that I cared too much
That temper has left your hand broken
I tried to save fools and acted as such
Silent, my rescue was still too outspoken,
Since that cage is still the one you will choke in
And for it all, you never loved me
Like the smog skies you soaked in
Through the bars; what a shame I fought to set you free.
Valiant, I lead you from the frothy sea
Of your own head, as if this was a game for two.
You call that reckless? I'm back with reality.
Next time you slam the door shut, I'll lock it behind you,

And when you finally want out, just so you know,
It was you who locked out the key long ago.

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