Joker in the Pack

October 27, 2015
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I make a duck face,
poke out my tongue;
they jeer at me,
thinking it’s plain dumb.

I bare my teeth like a Tigress;
lick the milk off my upper lip;
rumple my hair in a mess,
they laugh again as I pretend to trip.

I bring my pupils in the center,
not knowing what it’s called;
they shrug away my banter,
I’ve got them stalled.

I hide my tears from them,
they’ll think I’m too dull;
but can’t they see my problem,
do they think I’m just too dull?

It’s pathetic, I know,
to act so they’ll notice me,
but I’m changing to have a go
and this isn’t how I’ll always be.

I’ll change, become cool, more fun,
they’ll have to look at me;
then the real me won’t make them run,
I know. I’ll change the way they see.

They’ll get curious, one day or another,
to know who ‘Crazy KC’ is in real;
they won’t be cowered away forever,
and will try to understand the deal…

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