Boastful Poem

December 5, 2013
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I, from the land of mystic societies and skulls, overlooking the great gulf, son of the Freemasons, and the Templar before them, have chosen to raze to the ground the expectations of compliance and neglect to the wrongdoings seen by the world.
I, cursed and gifted with a raging passion for justice and equality, will forge for myself and all who stand beside me, a better life, free of the oppressions of the few, and instead ruled by the many, I will crush any who stand in my way during my journey for freedom and liberty, stand behind me brothers and sisters, a true leader is not born, but chosen, to be the true-voice, the light shining in the darkness that is greed and corruption. King of nothing but myself and my voice, I look into the eyes of evil, and I do not back down, battered, bruised, and bloody I may be, but I refuse to be anything short of victorious in this honor-fight for virtue and glory.

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