September 3, 2013
By Stair-Goblin SILVER, Monroe, Connecticut
Stair-Goblin SILVER, Monroe, Connecticut
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What is this fear I have inside of me?
Doth it be a sign of impending doom?
No, tis not my doom just natural fear
He resides inside my heart he calls home
He weighs heavy and hard in my stomach
My limbs ache with this tiresome burden
Betimes he consumes me inside my mind
However, he cannot reach me in dreams
There I am happy without his presence
I lie in fields of gold content with peace
He soon pulls me back into his own realm
Can he e’er be contained? I cannot say
He’s plagued me for years and will continue
Yet hope to defeat him has not left me

The author's comments:
I have an anxiety disorder and I get stressed very easily and writing makes me feel better whenever I'm having a panic attack. This was originally an english assignment given while my class was studying Romeo and Juliet but I really like this one. I tried to add a couple words that Shakespere would've used but I'm not sure if it added to the poem or took away from it. Either way, I hope people can understand how an anxious person feels sometimes by reading this because I've had many issues in the past where people have not understood my anxiety and it lead to some big problems. I hope you enjoy it!

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