Wistful Reveries

July 3, 2013
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Ceaseless muse dominates my rampant conscience
When I'm on an odyssey through my elusive knowledge
In this realm, passionate love blossoms in a meadow of shimmering dreams
You're the rarest,glinting flower in the field of my cognizance,sparkling agleam

Heaven blesses the exultation of our love's bountiful exuberance
Our smiles of joy revolve around the world in silky ribbons of radiance
We dance until our burnished bodies become paralyzed
Scrutinizing a dandelion's seedlings, as they take flight to the silent skies

Both of us breathe in the brittle oxygen into our glassy and glazed lungs
Under the sweet scent of golden apple trees and guitar strums
Breathtaking rays of sunshine touch our fuchsia stained cheeks
Our love embraces the warm heartbeats of butterflies by intrinsic creeks

We're laying beneath the palisades of my little heart's rapture
Bleeding our affection for each other in a forsaken pasture
If only these nostalgic fantasies were my inescapable reality
Then I could finally terminate my beauteous, wistful reveries

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