The Life of Entrapment

May 3, 2013
By Cjmfresh SILVER, Atkinson, Nebraska
Cjmfresh SILVER, Atkinson, Nebraska
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Favorite Quote:
Live life, and let life live though me.

Here I lie; trapped in a prison of glass.
I am entrapped for all to see my life.
My master forces me to eat dead grass.
I am forced to live my whole life in strife.

I am a rare attraction at the zoo.
I am the proud parent of a new calf.
Flashing lights attack, my baby withdrew.
A grown elephant gets its food in half.

The life of a zoo animal is bleak,
Completely entrapped in a glass prison.
From day to day, trying to scream and speak.
We can’t wait ‘til we die and are risen.

Animals like me are born to be free.
Living in a cage does not make me free.

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