Sonnet of Temptation

October 18, 2012
By Cjmfresh SILVER, Atkinson, Nebraska
Cjmfresh SILVER, Atkinson, Nebraska
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The woman in black is oh, such a sight.
Her hair is blond, and her eyes of azul.
I wish I could talk with all of my might.
She would be the utmost crowning jewel.

The woman in black is trying to talk.
To some other man, I can’t hear what’s said.
After a while, the man began to walk.
All that I felt was spinning in my head.

The woman in black leaves from where she sat.
Loveliness overflows when she is near.
I want to talk to her; my voice is flat.
I try but I am overcome with fear.

The action of silence, never forget.
The woman in black will be a regret.

The author's comments:
I, like all others, have a past. It was filled with love, temptation and regret. This is a glimpse into my life

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