The Mask

June 7, 2012
By Dbrickashaw BRONZE, Riverside, Connecticut
Dbrickashaw BRONZE, Riverside, Connecticut
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They believe they know who I truly am,
What I aim and aspire to become.
They pry my closed shell open like a clam,
Only exposing how I am lonesome.
Every single day I put on this mask.
It’s a big show I put on and none know.
Come, take a seat, and in my sorrow bask.
Rush though, at two-fifteen the curtains close.
One day I’ll break free from my binding.
They’ll be shocked and won’t know me anymore.
They’ll finally see me honestly smiling.
You know, the smile you’ve never seen before.
I have finally found myself today.
I released it all, threw that mask away.

The author's comments:
This piece was actually inspired by High School itself; how everyone is someone their friends want them to be, not who they want to be. I can testify to this myself because for the longest time, I was fake as well. The poem is about someone who doesn't feel comfortable about the persona they are trying to create and eventually "sheds" their mask and embraces who they truly want to be.

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