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To Wander in thy Red Shore

April 12, 2012
By ChrisAMoore PLATINUM, Saint Augustine, Florida
ChrisAMoore PLATINUM, Saint Augustine, Florida
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Hey guys I have old work on this profile, but I stopped for about two years now. I got back into it now because I found that art and expression is me. So I hope you like the things I post from now on more lol

If it be to lift my fingers
And trace away
Such adieu, as may
Into the surrounding breath of earth

To turn a pupil
Over a sun-kissed collar,
Thus promising ‘gret and falter
‘nto that once forté decree now dull.

Then presenting semblance
In that very force
Pushing such a kept tear
From falling into thy red, love-sea abyss.

Shall my limbs strive to wonder in thy red shore,
For only if my brow now returnest into thy deep pier

The author's comments:
Struggling between an old, familiar love, and new opportunities.

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