These Stones

January 12, 2012
The stones around me, are grey and misty,
they whisper wisdom through the wind swiftly.
Knowledge they speak, with soft steady tones,
these twelve ancient but wise stones.

A calming breath of wind, carries there word.
I stay quiet and attentive, trying to keep my nerve.
I begin to breath there deep powerful breath,
feeling life, as if I had already faced death.

Words fill my ears, for I finally listen.
They tell me of the world they see, a world of sin.
“For you have betrayed, your loving creator,
Whether a heavenly father or an earthly mother.”

“Your kind has ended life, over lifeless stones,
you have borrowed energy, and failed to repay your loans.”
“Seeking to destroy yourselves, with mere force and hate,
you have lost your one true love, the love to create.”

“Your tools that should do great, are used for evil.”
“You know this but your ambitions are still medieval.”
“Even fighting for your precious freedom, you enslave.”
“When trying to safe life, you push others to a grave.”

“How long will it take, your so intelligent race,
to find its true meaning and place?”
“We will be waiting when and if you finally do.”
“We will be watching and waiting, waiting for you.”

With that, they silenced, and became but earth;
loosing there gleam, shine and worth.
From the dust they came, to the dust they return,
and so shall I, when it is my turn.

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