The Sleepless Nights.

January 11, 2012
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You chose not to close your eyes when you rest your head,
Purposely evade sleep, intentionally toss and turn in bed.
The fear of waking up to face reality that simply couldn't compare,
You were always more comfortable with truth than dare.
Always more willing to take the truth head on than to dance with the lies.
The kind of person who read the last page first so they knew to perpare for the goodbyes.
You were always waiting, ever so patiently, for the other shoe to drop,
Always waiting for the pain so unbearable it caused your heart to stop.
Because ever since you were just a child they answered you the same,
Your not loveable, and you can't trust me to love you, what a shame.
Time and time again you try, fueled by the shimmer of hope you've managed to save.
Only to find your stuck on a chain, never fulling taking a risk, fear has turned you into a slave.
So you stay awake at night, working, working to save that fire.
Disregard all the roadblocks, disregard every thieve, every one whose intent is to decieve, every liar.
And focus your efforts on making this world better than your best dream.
Fix the tears, the rips, repair the neglects to the seam.
I dare you.

P.S. You don't need to read the last pages to know how this will end if you don't take the risks.

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