January 6, 2012
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Music is the heart and soul of most people.

Every song has a story behind it.

Every note has a tear.

Every sound there is a fire lit
Sending everyone into a dance or a jitter in their seat.
Songs can be about love.
Songs can be about a cheat.
Songs could be played to doves

Let out on a magical wedding day.

There could be music of majesty and grace.

Music would be a sound effect played in a movie. Bells that may

Be ringing can signify music at it’s best, leaving no trace
Of the ringer. Music is the tune of our life.
Every sound every life is music to my ears, with out music there is no life.

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Word weaver said...
Jan. 11, 2012 at 8:32 pm
Music touches us all in so many ways....this is excellent...I especially like the line," Every life is music to my ears..." and "music is the tune of our life."
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