Hunger Pains

January 9, 2012
By , Columbus, OH
Can you solve your hunger problems with ease?
That fridge with the means of survival to take as you please.
What if the everlasting pain for nourishment was heavily set on your shoulders?
The struggle for life fading colder and colder.
Taking something so simple and attainable for granted,
Leaves you foolish while others calling for help feel disenchanted.
How would you feel being deprived of something so humane?
When many of our thoughts are so mundane.
To place yourself inside someone’s shoes,
Is just a small act of kindness that we forget to choose.

Giving a small amount of effort is such an easy task to complete,
Allowing others in dire situations the chance to eat.
It may seem of grant importance to others in need,
It will be to your advantage to take great heed.

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