Darkest Hour

January 1, 2012
By Anonymous

Aye cruel temptress, my heart thou hath broken
Nary dost I believeth the pain which embodied me shall have equal
Gaveth to ye the love of my heart, yet cast it aside you did as were it a mere token
'Twas my darkest hour you betrayed me as ye did, and out to you my voice did call

No less now dost I remember the number of pieces my heart shattered to,
Yet now to me surprise do I find it healed, filled with joy not grief
She hath showed me love, where you showed me lies, she hath replaced you
In place of cold, the warmth of love, and steal nevermore shall you my heart as a thief

I pity ye, for your chosen life, not doth I doubt your wandering shall never yield love
The path of good been shown to me, who is true and who is not but a lie
'Twas I who been blind then, away from my eyes hath gone the veil by the heavens above
'Tis not my loss but yours, punishment for your crimes of the heart, and guilt follow ye

For now is the dawn past my darkest hour, where in she showeth me her light
And I choose not to remain in the darkness you left me within, for now my heart knoweth love's might

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