December 16, 2011
By Anonymous

You're not a heroine for putting down the glass
A hero would pick up the mess, you're sidetracked
And the slurring words, you don't have to be drunk
That's from years of plastic happiness and transparent love
Or the shakes you get without a cigarette
It's to compensate for an un-moistened regret
That would tingle on your lips and heal all the pain
Made up in your mind and sulking your brain
While a child writes "Happy Mother's Day"
To be scribbled over with a hopeful "AA"
So if it was so important to make it by four
Why were you still stumbling at the nightclub door?
And I'm sorry that forgiveness isn't given with full intent
Because your last ultimatum left with the rent
While they came to the house with badges and guns
To take a child who had not a one
They dragged the girl out, words floating in the air
Words like "foster home," a place to learn of her error
The mistake of never asking in return
One ounce of compassion she worked so hard to earn
Until the day she finally turned fifteen
She walked out of her life to return to your scene
And there you were, sober for two straight years
Though the hospital walls shone like mirrors
You could lastly see the bottles effect
On yellow skin that only digressed
And I'm sorry for this forgiveness, it took so long
To stop cursing at you grave and just miss my mom

The author's comments:
This poem explains a great release for me, and i hope that it could provide a sense of forgiveness to one's self for another.

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