Only You

August 17, 2011
By ChuggaTrain.41 GOLD, Green Valley, Illinois
ChuggaTrain.41 GOLD, Green Valley, Illinois
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Got no smile on my face.
I've been to this place.
There's a tear in my eye.
Lightning cracks through the sky.
Walking in the rain.
Feeling no pain.
Thunder rolls through the clouds.
I'm just passing through crowds.
The sky is a beautiful black.
One more lightning crack.
My clothes are soaked through.
Water fills my shoes.
My destination is set on nowhere.
Nothing really seems fair.
The rain beats on the concrete.
You appear in bare feet.
I ask why.
All you say is, "Look at the sky."
I do then look back at you.
I ask what you want to do.
But before I can finish
you say make a wish.
"I already have all I could ask for."
The rain starts to pour.
You take my hands in yours.
You kiss me on the lips.
Only you can do this.
Make me forget all the pain.
Dry up all the rain.
I love you more than you know.
It'll always show.
Don't forget that I do.
Because I truly love you.

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